Sanding And Polishing Timber Floors Newcastle

Aussie Floor Kings was founded on the backdrop of long years of experience in the timber floor polishing industry. We offer a refined service in advanced sanding system. We hold the belief that customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

 With a suite of quality wood stains and timber finishing additives on board, we have the remedy for any potential wooden floor polishing condition imaginable. Our passion for smoothing timber floors flush and to showroom excellence is evident from series of our accomplished projects, and we have a trail of satisfied customers.

 We sand and polish wooden floors with toil and labour, and serve our clients with value for money. Our rates are so moderate that they are cheaper than any other concern like us. Calculate a ball park figure on your floor sanding cost with our pricing brochure. When the timber floor gets stained, the varnish chips come off, they look worn out and grey. The solution to set them right and look fresh again lies in floor sanding and polishing, or perhaps more drastically, replacing boards areas if they happen to be beyond repair. In order to know when to attend to the floors is crucial, especially when some construction or renovating work is being carried out. The starting date for Sanding and polishing timber floors and coating floors is very important, particularly in relation to other works. It is better to make sure that the other construction work which is being carried out at the moment may damage the floors if flooring work.

Therefore carpentry work, electrical, plastering, plumbing and glazing must be completed before work on the floor starts. Otherwise other tradesmen walking over the floors with their heavy metal tools being dropped down here and there, could potentially damage the floorboards and flaw the fine polished surfaces. A professional floor repairer can remove scratches from wood floorboards, which is one of the commonest problems in the maintenance of floorboards. This may be done by applying putty to blend in with the wood, or by crafting a plug to fit into a hole, making sure that the grain is aligned with existing timber. Once polished, and thereafter giving regular maintenance through waxing and polishing, floors will acquire a tenacity of long life and you will get a unique homely feeling. This is the beauty of owning a timber floor.

Today, you have a choice of finishes:

Solvent-based polyurethane (“2-pack”) though being very tough, but contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be harmful so long as the finish dries up completely.

Water-based polyurethane, on the other hand, is fairly better, for the medium-traffic areas. It has a low-VOC and it has a quality of quick-drying. No doubt it may be a good choice for families who are unable to leave home as long as the floor is being polished.

Traditional oil-based varnishes are still happened to be preferred by many people. They are no doubt slower in drying, but are suitable for high-traffic areas.

You also have a variety of choice of gloss levels, from matte to high-gloss. Most homeowners prefer a satin finish, which has enough gloss to make the floor shine, but in fact it is not too glossy to walk over. A high-gloss finish looks great as long as new, but as soon as some scratches appear, they are highlighted against the glossy finish.


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