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Nothing can beat the beauty and warmth of solid timber flooring. Modern and stylish, it is in fashion will continue to be in fashion for many years from now and will create a wow factor which is bound to impress everyone. Perfect for new houses and renovations, Solid timber flooring is in a class of its own. Where other types of flooring that will eventually need replacing, the solid timber flooring is built to withstand the heaviest of traffic and to withstand the toughest of conditions. Our solid T&G flooring can be secret-nailed or top-nailed, depending on the application. It can be installed directly on bearers and joists or laid over existing sheet timber floors.

Aussie Floor Kings has the best range and colors of solid timber floors. Our experienced installers can help you select from the vast range of species, colors and grains. Speak to our flooring experts to get the best installation advice and pricing that you can afford. At Aussie Floor Kings, you benefit by buying directly from the manufacturer!

What are the benefits?

*Timber has natural insulation benefits and natural warmth

*Timber comes in a vast range of species, colours and grains.

*Timber is low maintenance substance and easy to clean and sweep.

*Timber is practical, cost effective and versatile.

*Timber offers lasting good looks with minimal care

*Minimal site disturbance

Promotes easy installation of under floor services

Timber is hypo-allergenic (it does not trap dirt, pollen and other allergens) making it the ideal choice for asthma sufferers.

*Naturally resilient, with timber the feeling is easy underfoot.

*Available end match for possible material cost savings

*Lay over concrete or existing timber

*Timber does not promote the breeding of germs or bacteria

Hardwood Timber Flooring – Not Just A Beautiful Concept, But So Hard-Wearing It Could Outlast Your Home

Not all wooden floors are created equal in quality and finish. The same can be said for flooring companies which undertake a job to do. That’s why, for award-winning design aesthetics, superior customer service and rock-solid guarantees on workmanship and timber flooring products, Just Aussie Floor Kings ticks all the boxes.

As Newcastle Australia’s leading timber flooring company and acclaimed specialists in quality oak flooring, Aussie Floor Kings offers you a wide range of magnificent hardwood flooring products that are built to last forever. You will receive truly professional, advice trustworthy too on the design and wooden flooring options. It gives you peace of mind while you sit in your apartment. Your timber floor will be installed by our own skilled installers. Your project will be managed by our experts from start to finish directly as well as indirectly as per your choice.

Wooden floors and workmanship guaranteed

That means you can be confident in getting the best when you choose to work with us. Only proven techniques and quality materials are used. Thousands of  Newcastle Australia’s homeowners have chosen  Aussie Floor Kings to date, and as the preferred supplier of wood floors to some of Newcastle Australia’s leading architects, interior designers, builders, housing companies, and reinstatement and insurance providers, it’s a name you can trust.

Flooring options for every situation

Whether you’re seeking a wooden floor solution for just one room in your home or for a whole apartment building or block of shops or a large commercial structure, Just Hardwood Floors has the technical know-how and the comprehensive range of timbers to cater to your choice and need.

Choose from Aussie Floor Kings’s wide range of wooden floors and pricing options.

Aussie Floor Kings’s products include:-

  • Solid timber flooring
  • Timber veneer flooring (often called prefinished timber flooring, engineered flooring or veneer)
  • Laminate flooring

You will also be able to stock up on essential peripheral products, including adhesives, moisture barriers and cleaning products.

Timber flooring prices:-

Though all of us have love and liking for the natural beauty of hardwood timber flooring, yet sometimes shy away from it because we suppose it to be very costly and might not be suiting the pocket. But how much does hardwood timber flooring really cost? Here’s what you really need to know.

How Much Does Timber Flooring Cost?

When you get quotes for timber flooring, you are likely to get one or of both kinds of quotes:

  • A good timber flooring supplier will probably give you a linear meter quote.
  • Timber flooring supplier/installers will most likely quote by the square meter or for the whole job.

In either case, the cost will vary depending on the type of timber you choose. The price of any timber species depends largely on its availability. As a rule, imported species cost more. Fortunately, we have many types of native hardwoods in Newcastle Australia to choose from, but these can vary dramatically in price, too.

Choosing standard or select grades of timbers can make a big difference in price.

For example, standard grade Blackbutt overlay flooring can cost under $5.00 a linear metre (80mm wide by 13mm thick)*, whilst select grade Blackbutt can cost closer to $9.00 a linear metre (85mm wide by 19mm thick) or more.

The species you choose, too, will make a difference in its price. Standard grade overlay Jarrah, for example can cost approximately 20-25 percent more than a more readily available timber like Blackbutt or Tasmanian Oak.

When you get quotes for supply/install, Our quotes will depend on the timber you choose to be installed. Also the installers hourly rates, the floor polish to be used and the conditions of the job. The hourly rates of timber floor installers can range between $25 and $50 per hour*, but make your base on the cost of the entire job rather than an hourly rate. An installer who charges more per hour may be better equipped and more experienced than one who charges less and thus able to finish the job more quickly and efficiently.

Experienced Installers

When you get quotes for timber flooring, do not consider only the costs, but also consider the experience and reputation of the installer. A polished hardwood floor looks fine when finished. But that should not be the only criterion, as the finished floor should continue to be in the same  look for a considerable period of time. Laying timber floors requires skill and expertise in the execution of work. Only an experienced craftsman will work in the manner to save the timber from the defect of contracting or expanding without buckling or creating large gaps between the floorboards. The floor has to be smoothly sanded and polished. These things require skill. The only way you will know that you will get the results you want is to ask to see examples of the timber flooring installers past work and get referrals.Aussie floor kings hunter valley

Finally, be sure that your floor installer is licensed and insured. At the very least, they should hold public liability insurance that protects you in the case of an accident or mishap. If you hire an uninsured trade, you always run the risk of being held responsible for any injury or some accident occurring inadvertently.

*Cost and prices in this article are indicative and should only be used as a guide. They also vary locally and are subject to market forces.




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