Refinishing Old Wood Floors-Aussiefloorkings

Refinishing Old Wood Floors- Aussiefloorkings

Aussie Floor Kings, the company in Newcastle ,that executes the work of finishing of old wood floors, has never learn to compromise over the professional quality which it offers to its esteemed clients. We provide our services at reasonable as well as affordable prices. Our very name stands guarantees of Refinishing Old Wood Floors Hunter Region , hardwood floor repairs and installation which is done with professional ease and expertise. Aussie Floor Kings take up all kinds of jobs, no matter whether the job is big or small, we do it with full dedication and the latest technology available anywhere round the globe. Our able and efficient professionals in the field of finishing old wood floors, sanding can repair the dilapidated floors, even if they seem beyond repair.

Aussie Floor Kings possess the skill to provide a completely new look with graceful shine to your otherwise looking outdated floor, which appears distasteful to the eyes.

I share it with a sense of pride and elation that some of my customers who had been living in  old family houses  for decades together and had worn out their wooden flooring completely, gave us the opportunity to sanding and polishing their old flooring. We not only astonished them with our talent but also with our expertise we accomplished the job to their utmost satisfaction. Again it was an honor for us when our clients got extremely pleased to see their sanded and polished floors with the dramatic changes  after redoing their worn out flooring. Added to this there is another excellent work of ours that needs a special mention. A family happened to buy a new house but was shocked to see that the wooden flooring of the house under the carpet was in completely dilapidated condition. Aussie Floor Kings were assigned the job of flooring. To the surprise of our client we were able to save the wood flooring by just re-sanding it as per their satisfaction. Still there is an added advantage of it is that it is cost effective – as wood flooring lasts much longer than most of the carpets do. Wood flooring can be re-sanded and finished over and over again.

Hardwood floors are easy to clean thereby saving you from the toil of hard labor. It saves from some allergies which originate from dust. Carpeting can be a reservoir for allergy-causing substances (allergens) known to trigger asthma. In the bedroom, carpeting can be troublesome for you, because you are exposed to the dust coming out of it in fine particles all the time. Wood flooring helps in  keeping the house free from dust mites, pollen, pet dander and other allergens.

What about Dust

Finishing up a hardwood floor, in the past, used to be cumbersome therefore, many people would  put it off for being scary of the mess it would be creating in the house. They would get it done only if it was absolutely necessary.  But it is no longer the same so anymore. Now with our uniquely new hardwood floor sanding equipment along with our hardwood floor finishing  expertise, we can sand and polish your floors and bring them back to life with almost little dust.

We always keep our machines and the material to be used as up to date as can be, to avoid even a slight discrepancy to take place. We begin with sanding the floor with our “big sander” to rough cut that first top coat of the old finish. By taking this step we remove the most of dust-producing surface and making way for how coarse a paper you are going to use. Next we use an edge tool, which is exactly what it sounds like.  It shapes the edges where the “big sander” does not have access. We use the newest and the most advanced edger equipment available in the market today.


We at Aussie Floor Kings at Newcastle, repeat this process from three to four times, depending on the condition and shape of the hardwood has got. After doing the floor, wood floor is buffed, which is dust free as our buffer is also connected to a vacuum for dust control.

Breathe Easy.

We employ the process which spreads little dust, so your apartment is dust free. It helps eliminating the problems caused by airborne dust while refinishing process is carried on. From the short term issues of dust settling and contaminating the floor’s final finish to long term effects on air quality and health concerns are taken into consideration to the after effects of conventional sanding.



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