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Floor sanding

Wooden floors in homes, not only look majestic but pleasing too aesthetically. They improve resale values to properties. When timber floors are mixed with mats or carpet; a flow-through effect is created.

Wooden floors can be cleaned better and more easily than any other form of floors.  Aussie Floor Kings show that real wooden floors are investment over carpets or laminates. Many polished wooden floors have been installed in properties for generations and they weather all the climatic conditions.

In preparation for when our floor sanders arrive, here are some handy hints and advice.

  • All indoor plants should be removed at a safer place as the smell from sanding, or moisture and vapors of polyurethane may harm them.
  • It is better to have the wooden floorboards clear of furniture and debris to facilitate the floor sanders in their work.
  • Dairy products and fruit are likely to be contaminated with the smell of polyurethane, so it is better to keep them at a safe place.
  • Adequate power supply more than one plug is required by our floor sanders.
  • The machinery, to be used being heavy the sanders need ample parking space.
  • Carpentry, Electrical Plastering work, if any being carried out in home, should have been completed before sanding starts.
  • Complete the final coat of painting of skirting after the floor sanding process is complete.
  • Carpets should be laid after the floor sanding Auckland team has finished.
  • Gas and electrical appliances should be disconnected to avoid any accident by sparking.
  • It is in your interest to make alternative arrangements for accommodation to avoid disturbance as long as our floor sanders are polishing your floor.

Preparation hints for the home owner, when our Aussie Floor Kings start doing your floor  

  • You should seal areas like vents and fireplaces, otherwise dust will spoil the polished floor.
  • Cover light fittings so that dust does not spoil them.
  • Fold curtains into rubbish bags and seal them up with tape.
  • Use drop sheets to cover non-movable furniture.

What to expect when floor sanding and polishing your floor. 

  • Skill in sanding and polishing timber floors is gained after many years of working in the field. Heavy machines work for sometimes and leave your wooden floors shining and beautiful.
  • All the information is given regarding the work to be carried out before the sanding work starts.
  • Nails are to be punched and filled up before starting the work. Gaps between the floorboards will only be filled on request.
  • A Quality coating system is done that will last for many years provided that it is properly maintained.

What not to expect from our floor sanders. 

  • A completely dust free environment is created by our sanders when they have accomplished the job. Practically it is impossible to eliminate dust from the job as wind or air moving through your house may carry dust particles into your house.
  • Complete removal of deep cuts from previous floor coverings, such as carpet trimming.
  • Complete removal of stains from the floorboards such as rust around the nail holes or from wet areas such as toilets and laundries.
  • Filling of gaps between floorboards. These gaps are not generally filled up because of expansion and shrinkage in the timber and may cause cracking of the filler and the filler may pop out.

Aussie Floor Kings, Newcastle’s top floor sanding company, we are a team of experienced floor sanders specialized in floor sanding, restoring and repairing old and damaged floorboards in church, school hall, business or whatever. Aussie Floor Kings will work strictly according to your desires and needs. The material used by us is of high quality, environmental friendly, specially manufactured for the flooring industry.

Aussie Floor Kings the floor sanding experts will visit your site to assess your timber floor and its condition and work according.