Aussie Floor Kings-Professional and Affordable Floor Sanding Newcastle

Floor SandingFlooring is an integral part of any house which increases the value of your property significantly. Aussie Floor Kings’s Timber Flooring is a renowned organisation and it is capable of conducting quality service in floor sanding and floor polishing in Newcastle at very moderate rates. Good floor always gives a pleasant atmosphere to the room.

Floor sanding is our forte and we specialize in it. We always endeavor to do our best in quality on daily basis. We use a number of modern sanding machines such as belt sanders, edgers, trios, buffers and handheld orbitals by Bona, Festool, Bosch and Numatic in order to produce elegance and smoothest finish of your floor.

With the help of refinishing process a wooden floor, which comprises of a solid wooden flooring, sanding and sealing, you can transform your old wooden floor into a completely new look and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. It gives a look of just as it was when it was originally laid. The process of sanding and sealing, being technical as it is, rejuvenates your floor. But it is not everybody’s job to do it but you need an experienced hand that can judge exactly the right amount of sanding required which is essential so that the floor retains its structure, width and finish.

Aussie Floor Kings’s process :-

This job is so delicate that even a few millimeters’ thickness here and there would make a big difference and spoil the elegance of your floor. A floor, sanded imperfectly will look ridiculous and uneven. Aussie Floor Kings’s  experts in the field make a thorough observation as to what the needs of your floor are. Having chalked out a plan, they set on work to sand the floor to perfection, as well as filling up cracks, if any, in the wood to create a seamless look.

It would be information for you that there are a wide range of finishes available for wooden floors after sanding. They range from super hard wearing, high gloss polyurethane finishes, to more natural oils and waxes. Every finish is supposed to protect your floor for many years depending upon the right choice which is essential. The floor sanding and sealing process depend upon the type of floor, how old it is and current wear and tear and the type of usage expected. Choosing the experts Middlesex Flooring for your floor sanding and sealing will guarantee that your wooden floor is finished to perfection and will look great for years to come.

Benefits of floor sanding:-

  • Bringing back dull wooden floors to their former glory
  • Smoothing of uneven or cracked floors
  • Creating an elegant, long lasting looks
  • Effects improvement in lighting and ambience
  • Sanding is much cheaper than replacing a floor altogether
  • Makes easy to clean, dirt and dust seldom settle on the floor
  • Environmental friendliness saves trees to be cut down

Aussie Floor Kings have 16 long years of experience in floor sanding in the service of wide range of clients in Newcastle area. Our friendly and efficient service will convince you that we can undertake and execute flooring service as per your needs and budget.

Aussie Floor Kings’s professional process stands out surety to strip away imperfections and smooth out and polish your wood floor surface. We look for your call in order to serve restore your existing floors to their original pristine beauty or to sand your newly installed floors as well.

Aussie Floor Kings has a variety of shades to choose from so we can bring your hardwood floor back to its original color or go with a color that now matches your décor and colors.